Sales Tracker

Sales Tracker System

Distributor Sales Management System (Sales Tacker) in fully integrated software for Sales, Inventory & Credit Management System. The purpose behind computerization of its Sales & Inventory and integrated Accounting  operation is to create quick execution of work, generation of error free reports, calculations, etc. This system has 4 core modules which are:

      • Sales Management
      • Inventory Management
      • Report Management
      • Administrative Control Module


Input Functionality

  1. Basic Configuration Setup like Vendor Company, Product Group, Product, Price fixed up, Vehicles, Employee, Store, Route, Line, Shop Group, Commission Configuration. 
  2. Route - Line wise Shop Setup with Credit Range. 
  3. Daily Product Lifting & Lifting Return. 
  4. Vendor Payment. 
  5. Sales Order Collection.
  6. Daily Sales Invoice.
  7. Gate pass Prepared.
  8. Sales Return.
  9. Daily Collection (Invoice wise/ Together )
  10. Store to store Product Transfer
  11. Commission Calculation.

Report List

  1. Category wise Shop List.
  2. Shop Statement Report.
  3. Inactive Outlet List.
  4. Order Receive List
  5. Sales History Report
  6. Product Delivery Report
  7. Product wise sales
  8. Shop wise Sales.
  9. Sales man wise Sales.
  10. Sales Return Report.
  11. Daily Collection Report.
  12. Daily sales & Collation Statement.
  13. Sales & Realization Summery.
  14. Sales Aged Debtors List Report.
  15. Sales Contribution Report.
  16. Business Product List.
  17. Daily Lifting Report
  18. Product wise Lifting Report
  19. Product Transfer Report.
  20. Lifting Return Report.
  21. Vendor Transaction Statement
  22. Lifting & Payment Summery.
  23. Stock out Report.
  24. Stock Status Report.
  25. Stock Valuation Report.
  26. Sales Business Flow (Graph Report)
  27. Outlet wise sales Flow (Graph Report)
  28. Salesman performance analysis (Graph Report)
  29. Sales man wise sales contribution (Graph Report)
  30. Route Line wise sales contribution (Graph Report)
  31. Group/ Product wise Sales Contribution (Graph Report)

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